Pastor Kim Scott

Preacher, Teacher, Life Coach, Marathon Runner, Author and Apostolic giant are some of the words that describe Kim Scott. She is an innovator that loves pursuing new ideas initiated by the Holy Spirit. She is the first in her family’s lineage to step into the call of ministry, but will not be the last. Her family has a rich spiritual heritage that stems back many generations. This impartation on her early childhood is what kept her from destroying her life and it empowered her to overcome the addiction of alcoholism.  She believes in the power of transformation, which is the result of the metamorphosis she experience through the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Pastor Kim knows the power of walking in your destiny, through the development of the gifts that God has given you! At age 37 she had a God-encounter that radically changed her life. On New Year’s Eve 1999, while sitting in a church celebration of the New Millennium she had a face-to-face encounter with God! It was through this radical transformation that a  new journey of Spiritual healing began.  God walked her through a process of inner healing and wholeness, He taught her the Bible supernaturally, and gave her clarity of  His plans and purpose which He created. In her early walk with God she spent much time in solitude, alone with God as He taught her principles for living a powerful God-ordained life! She has made it her life’s mission to teach other how to live a life of purpose, and to give them strategies that will empower them  to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.  

Pastor Kim is an Apostle who builds people! She has developed various tools to help advance the Kingdom of God. Her greatest strength came out of her greatest weakness, and this is the platform she uses to enable others to prosper in their callings. She believes in breaking through demonic strongholds and overcoming diabolical afflictions of the enemy. She has created breakthrough groups that have served hundreds of women throughout the past decade and enable them to live life free of addiction, afflictions and generation curses. She has also developed the Living Life on Purpose Class that empowers men and women with the tools they need to understand and apprehend their destiny. Kim pastors The Gathering church with her husband Zachery Scott and a great leadership team who has served under her tutelage for many years. Pastor Kim travels as a speaker, motivator, and preacher throughout the year.  She leads retreat and conference annually. She is a passionate mother , grandmother, and spiritual mother to many. Her zeal is contagious, it is well known that if you are around Pastor Kim for any length of time you will catch the fire that is united in her heart. She loves and cherishes the anointing on her life and is always honored to pray and impart it to others. If you’re looking for change and is in desperate need of a fresh outpouring, Pastor Kim Scott is the person You want know! She possessed the power to help you get unstuck and to your next level!

It’s time to move from what I know to where I must GO! I’m leaving some behind and jumping into my God-given Destiny!
Kim Scott Ministries
Kim Scott