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Weekly Devotional-Week39

SoaringHigherLiving in Obedience! By Kim Scott

One single act of obedience can change everything! One yes to God’s will take you from zero to hero. God is looking for those who will partner with His plan and carry out His purposes. He has given each one of us a call or simply put an assignment in the earth.

Each assignment has a unique function that only you can accomplish. Before you were born, your assignment was prepared for you! Every assignment comes with divine alignment. We all have the ability, resources, and intellect to complete our God-given call.

God will never give you something to do without first providing all that is necessary for you to complete the task. Where He guides, He provides. Just know that what God has placed inside of you to do, you are amply supplied with the power to do it, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Don’t look at your circumstances to determine your capability. The Kingdom of God is within you and you must trust the intuitiveness of the Holy Spirit to lead you where you need to go and what steps you must take to get there.

Focusing on your God-given gifts will help you respond in obedience to this call. If you get side tracked by the outer world you will become disillusioned and neglect your responsibilities which will lead you to a place of despondency and hopelessness.

When people are not living in God’s plan, they will find themselves unhappy and irritated with everything around them, no matter how elaborate it may be or how much it cost them. Money or worldly possession can never suffice for a God ordained purpose.

The bible states that God’s calling is a Holy call, which distinguishes it from the appointment of man. The call of God is a uniquely shaped design, created for you only. You do not have to make it happen, it’s already written for you. Your part is to obey the instructions He gives.

As you do, you will experience a rise in your confidence and a new level of living that can only come from doing it God’s way. God’s assignment is strategically given to bless you and others with a life that extends beyond human reality and supersedes your imagination.

One single act of obedience can change everything!

One yes to God’s will take you from zero to hero. Will you say yes?

God is looking for those who will partner with His plan and act out His purposes.

Will you partner with His plan for you?

If you will only do one thing this week, I encourage you to pursue the dreams and the longings of your heart. Those are the realities of God’s call imparted in your spirit, to take you and make you into the awesome image of him you were created to be!

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