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Weekly Devotional-Week38

SoaringHigherThe Power of Diligence! by Kim Scott

As I was jogging the other day, the Lord spoke to me about the Power of Diligence. He said that most people want success but are unwilling to do the work required to have it. He said He had already given us to ability to do all that we were created to do but there is another component in it, which is diligence.

The example He gave me was the steps I was taking as I was running. I looked down at the sidewalk as I passed each cement block, God said to me, “I have already predestined this run, and calculated each step you would take during it. I outlined the course you would run, and look, here you are doing it. Just as I laid it out beforehand.” I didn’t have to figure out where I was going to run that morning, that was already decided for me. I just said, “Lord which direction do I go?” And the answer came clear and quickly. What I did have to do was make a decision if I was going to run, because both my head and body said not today. I had to exert every effort I could to muster up a “yes” for the commitment I had previously made to train for another marathon.

That’s diligence at its best. It is the actions we take regardless of the thoughts we have, that define diligence.  A diligent person has established goals and will not relent until the fulfillment of them is accomplished. Diligence is persistently following your dreams. It means getting up and doing the task at hand no matter how you feel.

I once had a mentor that drove in my head these words, “So what does how you feel about something has to do with it anyway?” She helped me realize that feelings are not facts. They are not always true neither are they a great indicator of the true reality of our lives. Because of these powerful lessons I have had the privilege of completing one marathon and I am currently training for another, along with a team which has developed as the result of some of my friends and family being inspired to diligently pursue their dreams.

The faith to build must always be followed by the diligence to maintain. Many people start out great, their enthusiasm is inspiring, their motivation is encouraging; but, what separates those who live successful lives from those who don’t, is the ones that are successful follow through. It takes faith to build something you’ve never seen or done before.

To believe in yourself enough to even begin is admirable; but, faith alone will not suffice. It must be accompanied by action and I use the word must, because it stresses the biblical necessity of it. In order to see the finish product you must be persistent and steadfast. Even when you fall down, you must get back up. If you do you are bound to succeed.

The Bible says in Proverbs 12:24, “The hand of the diligent shall bear rule”. God spoke this verse to me during my morning run. He gave me a new level of revelation concerning this verse. I’ve always believed, if I was consistent; but, God showed me that I had missed some opportunities because I wasn’t diligent. He said there are some things we don’t need to continue to pray about over and over again. Instead we need to trust our God given instincts and move into action as the Holy Spirit leads us.

I had been asking Him to help me, and lead me in areas He had already established. My answer was right before me. However, my eyes were still set on my need rather than my provision. I was more focused on what I didn’t have instead of what was in my hand.

It’s like the story of Moses. God had given Moses a rod, as insignificant as it may have seemed in the beginning; it was an instrument that would be used as a powerful tool to assist Moses in accomplishing his assignment. Remember, God gives provision along with the vision. He will never give you an assignment without providing all that is needed to fulfill it! Your part is to do, that’s the Power of Diligence!

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