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Weekly Devotional-Week37

SoaringHigherTRUE, REAL AND VERY POSSIBLE  by Alfred Udobong

Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ asked the angel, can what I am hearing from you ever be possible considering who, what, and how I am? These questions were an expression of doubt after considering her entire life, judging her ability, and comparing her qualifications to meet the words that were spoken by the angel. She thought herself to be incapable, unqualified ,and every word spoken to be completely contrary to her knowledge, her dreams, her visions, her aspirations and her overall ambitions for her life; but, despite that expression of doubt, God found her quite qualified, capable, and fit to fulfill those words. What good thing have you heard about yourself from the scriptures? What dream has the Lord given to you? What good and true desire have you been nurturing in your heart? What vision are you working on fulfilling? You may have thought the same about yourself as Mary did; as God did not allow Mary’s thoughts to hinder His plans for her, so will He not allow your thoughts to hinder His plans and the things He wants to do for you.

When Moses heard the message of the Lord from the angel in the most frustrating time in his life in the burning bush that morning, all his weaknesses in life immediately came to his mind; he saw his inability in leading the children of Israel, he remembered his impediment in speaking fluently and convincingly; he saw his inability to relay the demands of God before Pharaoh and the elders of Israel; he immediately saw in his mind his first failure and subsequent rejection for attempting to relieve and defend one of his fellow Israelites who was oppressed and maltreated, he saw how he was instantly rejected by everyone around him, he saw how Pharaoh intended to kill him, and he saw his weaknesses magnified far beyond his strength and resolved to argue his way out of the assignment by using his weaknesses to express his reasons. Moses was not able to change the mind of God by his argument and what the angel told him came to pass. Moses became one of the greatest and successful leaders of Israel.

My prayer for you is that your doubts will not limit your progress and success in life; your fears will not hinder you from moving forward and achieving what the Lord had destined for you; your arguments will not be a stumbling block to your knowledge and your seeing what the Lord will do next; that your low self-esteem will not close the doors against you in the things that God will bring to your life; that you will see above your everyday hindrances and take advantage of the words and promises of God upon your life; that through Christ Jesus, you will be able to act more decisively, have more than you expect, and be more successful than your thoughts and abilities would have made you.

Doubts of any sort about the word of God; doubts about your tomorrow, and doubts about what is going to happen to you as a believer will never define your future. The greatest reason for failure is wrong self-evaluation because of what you know, see, and have been told concerning yourself. “For with God, nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37.

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