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Weekly Devotional-Week36

SoaringHigherAre You Hungry? by Kim Scott

Are you hungry? I mean really hungry! I am not insinuating a belly cramping hunger pain either. What I am asking you is, “Do you want more of God?” I ask you this question for various reasons. The first is because, I’m hungry for God and I am looking around for those who are experiencing this same kind of desire to really see God’s Glory manifested in a unique way that will radically change our lives as we currently know it.

The other reason is because our leadership team is reading the book “God Chaser” by Tommy Tenney and it is awakening in me a greater hunger, bells and whistles are going off inside me like a siren! Flashes of light are igniting my spirit as I read this old classic.

I’m reminded of what it’s all about anyway. Recently my thirst for more of Him has become even greater. I have had moments in my prayer time where I couldn’t even speak, my tears were my words. The Bible states that “They who hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled.” These prophetic words are not just a statement of truth; but, the reality for those of us who are sick and tired of status quo church!

There is so much more to this walk of faith. There are miracles awaiting our call and a level of anointing that is untouched by most of us. Yeah, we see the supernatural on occasion and we’ve watched some amazing healers do great things. Consider you, the guy or girl who goes to church faithfully week after week. Is it possible for you to do these things as well or are you the one who feels that’s just for the preachers and prophets?

Jesus made no distinction when He stated that greater works will you do. “You”, includes all believers. Not just those in the five-fold ministry. It is a blanket statement which pertains to all of us. Jesus’ word here in John 14: 12 gives us the authority of Heaven to do even more; however, you will not be able to do it without the Glory of God.

You must be empowered with His power, which in essence is His Presence. When the manifested presence of God shows up everything that was impossible become possible! It was through this kind of strength that Jesus Himself operated. All the signs, wonders, and miracles He did was because of the Glory of God in Him.

Now it’s our turn to do the same. It’s time for the church to assume her rightful position as ruler over our neighborhoods, cities and nation. We will not do it unless we are hungry. Hunger stirs up the desire for more. It makes us sensitive to the spirit. It fine tunes our hearing toward God.

If you are not hungry you will not pursue His presence. Instead you will continue to do what you’ve always done; because, you are content and have become complacent. But, when that stops satisfying you, then hunger sets in. When that happens all restraints are off! God becomes your priority! Seeking His presence your agenda!

The Bible says, one can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand. There is power in numbers and as we create a unified synergy for more of God, we will be able to subdue our enemy and establish the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth.

However, it’s going to take a few God Chasers to arise and declare, “I am Hungry,” and as we do the earth will be filled with His Glory!

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