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What I want for Christmas

Christmas2What I want for Christmas by Kimberly Latimore

Have you watched the eyes of a child when they are asked what they want for Christmas? Their eyes light up, their heads slightly drop, and then they begin to recite a list of toys they desire and perhaps a few things for their siblings. Most recite their list with nervous expectation. Sometimes, if move you your eyes from child to parent, you may catch a glimpse of a similar spark of excitement. Ask an adult the same question and it is rare that you will see that child like spark of excitement.

When did the spark and excitement of Christmas begin to wane? Is it when you did not receive everything on your Christmas list? Was it when you saw Santa Claus wearing your dad’s pajamas putting your toys under the Christmas tree? Did it happen the year your family finances did not permit mom and dad to provide the grand Christmas gifts you were accustomed? You were then told Christmas is not about gifts, but celebrating the birth of Jesus, love, family, and giving to others. Was it the death of a loved one? Or after your parents’ divorce?

The last six months of 2014 have been filled with many life events. A focus on those things could potentially make a time of joy and celebration, instead a time of sadness and disappointment. No matter what has happened or not happened this past year, it should not dampen the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas has taken on deeper meaning for me. Two weeks ago, Dr. Cooper of Mt. Paran Church of God proposed this question, what if Jesus did not come as babe for us? He then recited a poem that outlined the reality of no Jesus Christ. No hope, no joy, no peace, no love, and no healings. As you ponder the thought of no Jesus, the list of the no’s will grow; however, at the same time, gratitude for our God should begin to rise up inside of you!

After hearing this poem, I decided why would I ask “Santa Claus” for anything when my Father in Heaven has everything I need and gave me his very best in Jesus Christ?

So what do I want for Christmas? This year, what I want for Christmas is a miracle. For all the persons I know and don’t know, those in my state, my nation, and my hemisphere to experience love and peace as they never have. To have one day for which they are able to experience the love of God and the peace of God, resulting in reconciliation and restoration of families, and forgiveness. Big want. My God is big and I know this is not too big for him. This is the season of miracles!

Merry Christmas!

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