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Thank You, Thankful, Thanksgiving

Thank you, Thankful, Thanksgiving – By Kim Latimore

My favorite time of the year is autumn and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s not about the cornucopia of food that lasts for days or the official start of the Holiday Season. As a child this was the only holiday I “celebrated”. Over the years my thinking about Thanksgiving has evolved.

“Thank you” is one of the first phrases the many parents teach their children. Saying Thank You is thought to be part of being thankful. I like many thought that as long as I said thank you, I was being thankful. In reality I was being well mannered and polite. Being thankful is more than saying two words.

A few weeks ago I was behaving like a brat. Looking at my circumstances, I begin to throw a tantrum. I reached out to a friend to dwell and tell. She stopped me and said you need to do a gratitude list. I thought, “what is that going to do?” Little did I know what it would do.

After being distracted for few days, I sat down to write the list. This list came easier than I thought, the release in my spirit came in waves over the next few days. Since that time, I have found myself reflecting on events, people, and my circumstances and becoming overcome with gratitude.


I love the food, the family, and the fellowship that are part of celebrating Thanksgiving. Part of my family’s Thanksgiving tradition is prior to praying over our Thanksgiving dinner, we say one thing we are thankful for. Most times we do not finish without someone crying. This year as I reflect upon 2014 and years past during Thanksgiving Day, I will be more than polite, I will be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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