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Increase in Prosperity!

Increase is the word for the season! It’s what God has declared for His people. As we move further in this epoch time, we will experience an acceleration of Angelic activity. There is a release of Angels that have come with the assignment to assist us in obtaining the prosperity promised to the Believer by God. These heavenly ministers are here now to lead us, guide us, and direct our every step as we increase in all areas of our lives. This level of prosperity is not just about money, cars or houses. It bigger and better!

When I speak of prosperity, I’m not talking about a man-made idea of abundance, defined by material possessions. True prosperity is the ability to use God’s ability and power to meet the needs of mankind, regardless of what those needs may be. When God bestows prosperity, it is a complete package. In His abundance there is healing for the spirit, soul and body; in it is peace, which is His shalom, a Hebrew word that means complete wholeness, nothing missing or broken. His prosperity includes wisdom, protection, favor and every good thing you could ever need.


During this divine timing of God it is very important for you to be still and awaken in this era of Blessings. Being still means waiting on the Lord for a solution in each circumstance and situations life presents to you. Don’t be in a rush to get something quick, or act impulsively on thoughts that run rapidly through your mind. Be alert, looking for God ordained moments. Staying attuned and awaken involves trusting what God is doing knowing that your Angels have been sent to strategically guide your every move. You will apprehend all that belongs to you if you just align yourself to His prophetic word. It will require some stretching, but you have all the help you need to endure the challenges that come along. These situations are only here to make room for the INCREASE! Continue to raise your expectation for more, as you grow fat in abundance!

KIM (Keep It Moving)

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